My 2022 Top 10 Freebie Opt-in Books


4/7/20223 min read

One thing we all have in common. We like free stuff.

We readers, in particular, like free books.

Now, sometimes there's a catch. I'm not talking about the free books you can download from sites like Bookbub, because we just sort of click on those a bit mindlessly, don't we? A free book! Yes, please! Click. And they're immediately buried in our Kindle stockpile.

If you're like me, there's a strong chance you'll forget about it till you're searching for something to read and find it, wondering if you've read it already, because you can't for the life of you remember.

Don't pretend you've never done this. We all have. Book hoarders is what we are.

All that aside, I've compiled a list of some of the free books I've most enjoyed by opting-in to the authors' mailing lists. I doubt that an opt-in is a big deal for you, but fair warning.

In no specific order, here they are:

1. The Day of the Vikings Full disclosure, I'd read anything by Joanna Penn. This book is part of her popular ARKANE series, with her intrepid agent, Morgan Sierra, trying to derail a hostage situation before a Viking artifact falls into the wrong hands and gives rise to the apocalyptic Ragnarok. No, Chris Hemsworth doesn't make an appearance, but still.

2. Invisible This book features an achingly relatable character. Who hasn't felt unseen, unheard at some point, by people and by God? We focus on what we perceive as our flaws. It's a journey of healing for hearts and relationships and totally engrossing.

3. Stillwater Shores This one's a prequel to an excellent series with a small-town-secrets vibe. If sweet and clean is your jam, Steena's your girl. Don't let her kid you , though, because she can suspense it up wiith the best of them.

4. Worlds Unseen A stunning start to a Christian fantasy trilogy with an epic battle between good and evil. Allegorical of course, and very well done. This is one of those ebooks that made me want to get the print version and read it again. Then I forgot about it! I told you I did that.

5. The Grove I don't read a lot of science fiction, but this novelette drew me in by making me care about a very interesting alien and the imprisoned creature she befriends while stealing a spaceship. Another prequel to a series that looks pretty awesome.

6. Forbidden Love Hear me out on this one. This isn't a story written by Eva Deverell, but she's a Brit who translated it, you guys. Translated it. From Turkish. Admittedly, I'm not up on my Turkish literature. But who among us could claim to translate a classic Turkish novel? I was so impressed I had to check it out. The language is a bit stilted and something of a slog, but the story about inter-generational familial drama (which we all suffer) in early 20th century Istanbul captures you anyway. You might want to give it a whirl if you're the adventurous type.

7. The Journey Man, does Joy Ohagwu know how to love on Jesus! This is an exciting start to a series with the main character's mission to rescue missing girls.

8. The Boy Who Painted the World All the feels here. You must get this book. You must.

9. Rose of the Night You like fairytale retellings? This is better than that. A prequel to a Beaty and the Beast story, but more allegorical about the fall of the human race and hope for redemption. It's lovely. Pick it up.

10. Black Cat Crossing This is an anthology of cozies you will love. Because cats. Lots of cats. And you'll get a taste for each of the authors' style. They're fun stories, and this is the perfect thing to pick up when you just want to unwind and drink endless cups of tea. And check out the website because, again, lots of cats.