Keto Favorites

It's not ALL about cauliflower


2/18/20221 min read

Anybody else on the Keto train? I had a Dexascan (bone density) done, and my bones are thinning, so my doctor thinks I could benefit from losing about 10 pounds. I like this way of eating, I really do, but sometimes...Anyway, maybe we could share some fave websites and (EASY!) recipes. Here are some of my throw-together go-tos.
Berries with whipped cream and nuts
Deviled eggs, any kind
Avocado with salt & pepper (Ain't he cute? →)
Pepperoni slices with cheese

Tell me some of yours!

Man, oh man, do I love chicken wings! This is my favorite topping these days, lifted from Mellissa Sevigny's Squeaky Clean Keto cookbook. Check out her website She's a total lifesaver!

Preheat oven to 400F. Spread out wing pieces on a baking sheet and bake 45 minutes. Toss in 3 TBL of melted butter and 3 TBL of Everything Bagel Seasoning. Heaven!

Mellissa's Everything Bagel Seasoning:
2 TBL poppyseeds
2TBL sesame seeds
1TBL dried onion flakes
2TSP coarse Himalayan pink salt
1TSP dried minced garlic